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In reply to @Lazysod Posted 65 days ago

I start each day outlining exactly what today must achieve. I then break the tasks down into smaller bite size chunks and order them accordingly.

As a mac user I use the app agenda timed tasks can be applied and I have checkpoints through the day where I will stop and analyse progress and adjust allowing for roadblocks issues or anything else that needs to be taken into account ...(view post)

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@Crys_Dev Yeh as i've been working from home for the last year my life as a "stay at home dev" (and father and husband) is one of routine. I get up at a "normal time" around 06:30 make coffee and go catch up on the waking world. I get dressed as if I was going to the office (smart casual) and then look over yesterdays work log to see what I possibly missed and what if anything needs to be looked...(view post)

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@nat_snacks Yeh I had a round of tests and such for a job and had a "meet the team" before covid hit. They then got back after 4 months saying I'm now not what they wanted and ended up STILL ended up advertising again and again.

The way I look at this is I dodged a bullet working for these guys, I mean how crap do you have to be at your job to wait 4 months to answer an email? might send another application just for kicks ;) ...(view post)

#trumpsuspended Yes as I type this Donald Trump has been suspended from Twitter. Personally I find it way too late but better late than never? Some people have been saying it's censorship and so on. As a #webdeveloper I can see the forest for the trees on this one. Twitter is a private website, owned not by a public or government body. And as this is the case they can dictate how their platform is actually used. ...(view post)

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