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Yes I've experienced it and I decided to own it. You should too! It's good that the room fell silent. I've silenced a few after dinner conversations in my time and it's great!

It's good they felt uncomfortable. Make em ALL feel uneasy about it. It's not like we've felt anything less than that ourselves?!

Never be afraid about saying how it is or how you feel about it and now it's hurt you and changed you.


I'm on vacation right now and when I see kids, brothers and sisters specifically - I get all happy they have each other but then get so so sad when I remember the time I had taken from me and my sister. But I'm happy we have each other now. But then I get so angry and bitter at the thought of all the wasted, stolen years.

Guessing this is something that's never going to leave me ...(view post)

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Yeh I kinda do. In 2016 I was found by my biological sister after we were separated from each other for 42 years. Since then I Found my birth mother and learned so I was once. I was once James Barry Clark, I often wonder who he would of been...(view post)

There is nothing like trying to have a quiet coffee with a loved one on a payday weekend to make you realise how much you love being a hermit, and how much you hate "people". I mean for fucks sake control your kids! Watch out in carparks for y'know......CARS...(view post)

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