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My big sister called today. Not earth shattering news I know, but when you're adopted and have only been united since 2016 it means possibly more than happy can articulate.

On most week days I get up about 6:30 am and we chat as she goes to work. This way she can vent about anything ok her mind and i can too, also we still got 42 years to catch up on. But she called me...(view post)

Well looking at this, I realise that I need to do a small update. Today I might do more work on this system as well as the demo site I intend / plan to use for it as that site will be based here ->

Ok, personal Update:
I got a new job! Yeh I know I'm shocked too! I had an online interview and they all not only seemed super friendly, but also so...(view post)

#adoption #adoptionreunion Speaking with my biological sister (we were reunited in 2016 after 40+ years) she's due to take her in-laws home on a 2 hour drive and said she'd call me if she was bored because"we can always find things to talk about and regularly talk about everything and all things any way"

When I heard this my heart skipped! Gentle reminders of now share are just beyond words!...(view post)

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@1966adoptee I'm sorry this ended like that with you. My bio father's sister first welcomed us with open arms and even send welcome gifts. Then overnight just blocked me and my sister. Turns out her daughter was furious she was talking to us and made her block us. I have a half sister that isn't remotely interested and her brother my half brother isn't really interested either although he does...(view post)

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