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I'm on vacation right now and when I see kids, brothers and sisters specifically - I get all happy they have each other but then get so so sad when I remember the time I had taken from me and my sister. But I'm happy we have each other now. But then I get so angry and bitter at the thought of all the wasted, stolen years.

Guessing this is something that's never going to leave me ...(view post)

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Yeh I kinda do. In 2016 I was found by my biological sister after we were separated from each other for 42 years. Since then I Found my birth mother and learned so I was once. I was once James Barry Clark, I often wonder who he would of been...(view post)

There is nothing like trying to have a quiet coffee with a loved one on a payday weekend to make you realise how much you love being a hermit, and how much you hate "people". I mean for fucks sake control your kids! Watch out in carparks for y'know......CARS...(view post)

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@AdopteeAdvocate hmmmz not sure it's really possible. Well not for me anyway! I found my birth mother after 41 years back in 2016, and connected in a way that I never have been able to with my adopted mother. I hate what happened, I hate how it made me feel and the damage it did. Most of all I hate the fact I wasn't able to be there for my big sister when she needed me most. All because of this damn adoption. BUT she is my mother and I just can't break the connection now it formed. ...(view post)

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