@Lazysod posted over a year ago

@ElizabethHunny I sent this on a youtube video you posted, but didn't know if you check comments so I posted here too. Just wanted to say I follow you because you are funny, smart and so kind and open minded. And yes if you were to stop all your modeling and never post anything of a sexual nature I'd still follow you as I like what you have to say and how you choose to say it.

Sadly negative people will only ever give negativity no matter the time, place or subject matter. I don't feel that your content has gone down hill and as for not being sexy?


Just wrong. Completely wrong and not what I come to youtube for anyway!

So IMHO just do what your doing as you are doing an amazing job and Thank you for all the hard work you put into it I know exactly how hard it is to do at the best of times yet a lone with the modeling and balancing a family life too.

Barry Smith

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