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@Crys_Dev Yeh as i've been working from home for the last year my life as a "stay at home dev" (and father and husband) is one of routine. I get up at a "normal time" around 06:30 make coffee and go catch up on the waking world. I get dressed as if I was going to the office (smart casual) and then look over yesterdays work log to see what I possibly missed and what if anything needs to be looked at.

I then look at what needs to be done for the day, factor meetings and such that may or my not be required, and then make a schedule accordingly. To make my dev life easier I have from time to time made some tools to help make life a little easier. Things like well.......THIS website. It's a tool I built to help me write my own twitter postings as long as I want and add media should the need arise. (nice eh?)

I think routine is important as it brings order to things. That and a surprise zoom call out of the blue can be tricky if you never got dressed and look like a hobo! (been there done that)

Perhaps a task scheduler would be a great project to work on?! Might just do that!

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