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meh it's WAY too early for this shit.......(view post)

wow @GWRHelp #gwr you either don't train your staff, OR your staff are blatantly disregarding anything that they are being taught. This person needs to be fired and so does your trainer! - So glad @scotrail don't sink to this level. As a husband of someone who has #MS, the amount of times I have had to challenge people because they don't physically see my...(view post)

It never fails to amaze me the shear level of complexity when it comes to biological sibling relationships surrounding #adoption. I have 1 older sibling 2 half brothers and to half sisters and the relationship with them all is strange and sometimes overwhelming.

Odd to think that something as innocuous as a text or phone call being missed or not returned can in turn bring out...(view post)

So looking forward to #fallout76, though it pisses me off how many people are passing off opinion and speculation as "Fact" ! ...(view post)

Oh don't mind me! I'm just testing something. Yes best to forget this post.....go on! Move along!... #testpost...(view post)

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