Barry Smith!

@ElizabethHunny I sent this on a youtube video you posted, but didn't know if you check comments so I posted here too. Just wanted to say I follow you because you are funny, smart and so kind and open minded. And yes if you were to stop all your modeling and never post anything of a sexual nature I'd still follow you as I like what you have to say and how you choose to say it. view post)

@tamikeator Yep know what you mean. When i first read my court papers it was emotional. BUt also my court papers (I was awarded protective custody) said things that were untrue. Like i was from an Irish travelers family. 70's talk for brushing things under the carpet really. My mother was tricked into signing the papers in the end. Way I see it, I define who and what I am - Not my birth parents...(view post)

Sent my kindle back for a replacement to Amazon, and got one no problem. Now Amazon have decided to charge me anyway!! Fucking assholes! ...(view post)

I've been playing with a fun pet #php #coding project of mine. Its a twitter blog or a personal post extender of sorts. it's a #opensource script that will allow people to install and extend their own tweets so as to avoid having to use multiple tweets to do the same thing. It even handles media tweets! What does it look like?'re using it right now ;)
...(view post)

@henryfraser0 hahahahaha THIS made my morning :) ...(view post)

Barry Smith

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