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@1966adoptee I'm sorry this ended like that with you. My bio father's sister first welcomed us with open arms and even send welcome gifts. Then overnight just blocked me and my sister. Turns out her daughter was furious she was talking to us and made her block us. I have a half sister that isn't remotely interested and her brother my half brother isn't really interested either although he does...(view post)

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@1966adoptee Yeh I know what you mean, I was raised with a brother who was also adopted from another family. We have nothing in common and although wet on ok and so on, there is no hint of a bond to speak of.

Fast forward to 2016 and I get contacted by my big sister after 42 years (last seen me when I was 10 months old) She is in the same position as me. Raised with an Adopted...(view post)

I have a telephone interview this afternoon, I always find them awkward!? ...(view post)

Please copy and paste this into your status if you know someone, or have been affected by someone, who needs a punch in the fucking face. People who need a punch in the fucking face affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for people who need a punch in the fucking face, except a punch in the fucking face. 93% of people won't re-post this..Why? Because..They probably need a punch in the fucking face!!...(view post)

Decided I'm going to do more work on my personal Twitter post extender! Might port it to some CMS or other ...(view post)

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