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@cludgie76 Yep it's a total fucking disgrace! AND they just constantly get away with it...(view post)

@howtobeadopted Been thinking of doing a video / podcast or something on my adoption experience but have yet to do it. I still might start looking for others to see if its something if others are wanting to do in order to put our stories out there and let others know they are not alone in everything they are feeling and everything they are going through. ...(view post)

@neithskye @iamadopted We can't afford to live on what if's or what could have been, otherwise we'd miss what is right in front of us. My court papers tell of my father trying to steal me away once i was placed in foster care. BUt if he really cared why sign the damn papers?

We could all go over the edge if we focus on this too much. Live in the here and now, with what you have and who you have the opportunity to be with....(view post)

wow @EvilAnnie25 don't know if it was deliberate, but you really do come across incredibly judgemental and overly condescending here. If you rush to judge others like this then you can have no complaints should others will see fit to judge you in return!

C'mon be better than this! Sex work is just work! I mean if you don't agree with it, or want to do it yourself that's fine! -...(view post)

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